ooh... hello!

i never intended to be away from here for this long.
one summer day roll into another, 2015 i now well on its way... 
hope it's been good to you so far
i'm back :)

here is the first thing i want to share with you: 

while in Italy last year a few of us 
chatted about painting a face every day for the whole of 2015.
i loved the thought of the challenge 
and i was ready to jump in. 

as 2014 was coming to an end the project starting fading away, 
it felt huge, 
my head just couldn't grasp such a commitment, 
doubts crept in and the last few of us decided not to do it. 

but i couldn't ignore the little voice inside cheering me on,
and on the morning of the 1st i woke up thinking:

"how will i feel on this day next year if i have NOT done it?"
"how will i feel on this day next year if i HAVE done it?"

and there was my answer, i had to do it, i had to take the leap. 
and i did. 

at the last minute i told Jeanne-Marie i was going for it  and she was game, 
straight away 
and that made me ridiculously happy! 

 today i will be painting my 12th face for the year, 
don't get me wrong it still feel huge and daunting 
but as Jeanne-Marie said wisely, "one day at a time" 

here are the first 10
(acrylics on cardboard) 
i will be sharing them daily on Instagram 

welcome to a new adventure! 


  1. I love all of them - they are super stunning and interesting. Soooo thrilled we are doing this. I think we are going to grow and have fun in the process. Hugs my friend.

  2. fabulous work already!! a big challenge always make us stretch and grow;) t'aime fort