pushing through

mostly i am loving showing up to paint my one face a day
but some days are a little tougher than other.

this the evolution of one of those days... 

acrylics and crayons on cardboard

what i am observing with this process of having to paint 
one face a day is that i can't just give up, or move on. 
i have to push through;
 through the tough parts, through the discomfort,  
the uncertainty, the dislikes. 

i need a finished piece in a short space of time, 
a small painting i'm happy to leave as it is
and happy enough to share 

so i'm learning to be brave, bold and to let go.

1 comment:

  1. This is wonderful to see your process... c'est drole car c'est tres similaire au processus therapeutique... vulnerability, daring, pushing through, daring further... it's brilliant!
    Merci Cherie de partager ton art....You are shining bright !!!
    big love and hugs