Black and white

this week assignments for
my photo course

last week my shots got a good review.
let's see what happens
with these...


autumn inside my sketch book...
"winter" has arrived here,
the fire has been roaring at night.
yummy :)

Black and white

black and white monday...
i've just started a photo course,

these shots are part of my

in the studio

in my studio i have a giant cushion.

last year i bought some Design Team
from our delicious
and made a brand new cover for it.

guess who i found lazing about
on my beautiful Botanica cushion...

Princess Pax of course :)


Please meet "Pax"

she entered our life
on Sunday :)

in LOVE!!!

looking up...

discovered this collection
of chimneys in my photos...
might be longing for a nice evening
in front of the fire!

Feminine inspiration

over the past 8 weeks i have
beside some wonderful
women from all over the world.

i admire and i am inspired by
australian artist
and now online friend

i love the boldness and freedom
of her faces

all paintings by JoAnne Anderson
thanks Jo!