more prints

remember back in May 
i took part in a monotype and viscosity printmaking course

here are the prints that came out of it, 
some tentative,  some i'm happy with!

i started with black ink, learning about the thickness of the lines, 
what will show and what won't, the texture of the ink 
and the reverse images

and then went on to adding colored inks and viscosity
(which means some of the ink has linseed oil added to it
and adheres differently)

and below is my "pear trilogy" 
the last 3 prints i made 

next step etching


and to finish off my "flower week"
here is my absolute favorite pic 
that came out of 
a week of flower wanderings

have a wonderful weekend! 

showing off

i call this a Coral Tree.
they are Erythrinas
a flowering plant in the pea family. 

and at the moment they are showing off
with their magnificently bright flowers! 

(for some reason the beauty of the whole tree is difficult to
capture in photo)

below is the evolution of the flower:

from the bud 

through the blooming 

to the full bloom

to the decay 

and the transformation into these peas/beans looking pods

below is what they look like in the end. 
in summer the dry bean opens and releases 
bright orange "lucky beans".

the legend says we should always have 3 "lucky beans" 
in our wallet for good fortune and abundance! 

a touch of orange

welcome to my "flower week" day 3!

so many different shapes, types and shades of orange, 
another delight! 


a touch of yellow

welcome to my "flower week" day 2!

i can't stop taking photographs of these yellow flowers.

i have no idea what they are called 
or whether they are weeds or not.

 i love their dryness and a touch of decay.

they remind me of dusty dry flower bunches 
on dusty old cabinets, in stuffy overheated apartments...

nature's delight!