this week in Face to Face 
we are using pastels.

a completely new experience for me. 

i'm not sure i like the dryness of it
 but i'm enjoying building up layers and seeing the different tones 
unlike paint, the pastels cannot be mixed prior to being put on the surface
so it's a case of applying, blending, applying blending... 

here is a peep at one of my work in progress:



the block of the blank canvas...

Misty Mawn is teaching us to be fearless.
in the way we work, in the way we start and finish our work;
in the way we try and fail and discover and succeed.

by doing things we don't normally like

by adding colors

by taking it a few steps further.

by trying something new
(new backgrounds)



i wish i could infuse these photographs with  
the exquisite, intoxicating, delicate perfume 
of these Acacia flowers.

a feast for the senses... 

Light and shadows

"I see only forms that are lit up and forms that are not. 
There is only light and shadows." - Francisco Goya

via Vivre, photographer unknown

Split personality?

at the moment i've got three online
classes overlapping!?!
and it's making me feel like i have 
a split personality...maybe even a few ;) 

in yesterday's post
i was showing you the funny creatures
i'm drawing as part of Draw!

then i've got the Giraffes going

and now Face to Face by Misty Mawn 
has started and i'm drawing these 
sad, emotional faces... 

the truth: i am loving it all!
the variety, the fun, the sad, 
the challenges, the failures, the learning,
the charcoal, the different techniques and subjects...

split personalities? YES!
is anything else getting done? NO! 

Funny creatures

i'm drawing weird and wonderful creatures 
as part of Carla Sonheim's Draw! online class: 

Scribbly Pax

meet my Rhinograffe:

Hippocampe and "Picasso" Dog:



a few of my daily Giraffes... 

this one below is the "shadow" (print on the back page)
of the one above. 
love how simple and mysterious it looks

loving learning more about those tall funny creatures!