ok i have to confess...
i might be an online class addict!!!
i had sort of decided not to take anymore classes
this year and now i have just
entered these TWO of them...

Shooting by design


Get Your Paint On
by Mati & Lisa



my brooches, key rings, magnets and door hangers
are ready for the christmas fair next week.

i loved making them and i like the way they look all together,
let's hope people like them too :)


i have a huge crush on Enhabiten's
new indigo naturally hand dyed
bags and accessories!!!

and i am a big fan of Liane's blog too!
photos from here

A few things...

a little tour around the house

i've been pruning the succulents
to multiply them.
i love doing that!!

In the studio

i've been busy,
painting fabrics, stamping, sewing...

hoping to get some of my stuff to
a christmas fair at the beginning of
next month.


i have lived in the southern hemisphere for
10 years now but my brain still
gets confused with the seasons...
september, spring???

so today in true october mode
i am paying a tribute to autumn,
a season i cherish,
for its colours, its tastes
and its sense of peace.

Garden wonder

i had almost lost hope...

my very own blood lily
has finally popped up for the very first time!!!

In the studio

i bought this stunning book recently
and now i am working on all these inspiring
watercolor exercises!


it's friday, the sun is shining,
i love,
i'm feeling crafty...


today i got this little treasure
in the post!!!
my own Dottie Angel book
all the way from
Uppercase in Canada!

filled with goodness...
yay, yay, yay!!!