since i came back i've been exploring the "Art Entwinded" online course. 

i'm sad i couldn't do it "live" but it's so rich,
 it will take me months to get through it all... 
and i want to savor it and soak in all the information. 

i've only done a few assignments but when browsing through week 5 
(that's what i do... hop around like a mad thing)
i was stopped in my tracks when
Misty introduced us to Ecuadorian Master painter  

the HANDS!!! the hands that he painted!!!
i was blown away, in love! 
i mean look at the emotions he evokes with the hands:

"Tears of Blood: Homage to Salvador Allende, Victor Jara and Pablo Neruda", Oswaldo Guayasamín

i had to try it, 
make my "own" little Guayasamin version: 

and that got Jeanne-Marie in love too ;) 
have a look at her version here, it is STUNNING! 
we messaged excitedly back and forth and couldn't believe what 
we had just stumbled upon. 

Her and Camilla have been exploring hands for a while 
and now between the two Masters, Schiele and Guayasamin
it seems we have got plenty to work with... 

like Jeanne Marie says, "our lives will never be the same again after this discovery"!

this is another version i tried and then cropped: 

now this may be a little over ambitious but i changed my plans 
for this huge canvas i'm busy painting for our house 
(120 by 140cm)

and introduced hands of course! 

i'll keep you posted...

oil on canvas. 
photographed with a plant so you get a sense of the size. 


  1. fab fab fab Anne! so inspiring!! this last big one is so big!! cant wait to see more xxx

  2. wow, dramatic, dramatic hands. I love it! yes, this obsession might last a life time!! I wish there were more hours in the day so I could keep up with all this fab stuff happening everywhere and look more deeply into artists..I am too busy lately to keep up with all the amazing things out there :(