birthday week

it's my birthday today, 
i am turning 45... oh dear... 

this is how i desire to feel at this stage of my life:

my Core Desired Feelings.
i came up with those 3 feelings after working through 
the Desire Map, fabulous book by Danielle Laporte.

i'm learning to work with them. 
i used to get confused in making decisions from a 
right or wrong point of view. 

now i try to run my decisions this way:  
does it make me feel Succulent, Immersed, Deep Trust? 

when i remember to do so, 
life seem a little gentler, 
touches of magic appear in unexpected situations,
 and i get a glimpse of the spaciousness of simply being.

see you in a few days :) 


  1. Happy Birthday, Anne!! Sending lots of love xxx

  2. Love this Anne...sounds like a book title!! Happy happy deep trust immersed beautiful birthday succulent You!!!
    Thinking of you Soul Sister
    with much love