i was asked by a friend to decorate his surfboard...
i thought it could be interesting to give it a try. 

he gave me a few ideas of what he had in mind.
it needed to have some kind of black and white stripes to be... 
shark repellent! 

he is going on a trip and is a little concerned about the very sharky waters.
it has been said that the sharks don't like stripes, 
sea snakes and other ocean creatures use is as defence, 
i certainly hope my lady helps keeping them away. 

below is the finished drawing, 
i did it with the Posca paint pens and hopefully it will be steadfast in the salt water. 

it wasn't easy to draw with a very limited possibility to do some shading, 
which gives it more of a graphic feel. 
something new, something different... staying open. 

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