tonight is the night of the opening of the group show i am part of... 

it feels so vastly different to my last exhibition, 
i feel pretty calm and here are a few reasons why this might be: 

- it's not a solo exhibition so i don't feel that the spot light will be on me only and that 
feels so much less pressured. 

- this was a quick, impulsive decision, i had 3 weeks from the time i agreed to be part of it
 until the delivery of the paintings. so i had no time to agonise over whether what i had done 
was enough, it just had to happen, without the mind and the gremlins getting too involved. 

- and lastly i had so much fun doing these 8 paintings, i kept rotating them, moving on 
when something didn't work. the movement kept it fresh and interesting for me, 
a bit like dance really, and all that really suits my "busy bee/bit of this bit of that/inquisitive 

so all that said, tonight is the night and i'm looking forward to see my mad bunches up on the wall
i also have no idea what to expect... but i will keep reminding myself of  Brené Brown's mantra: 

"don't shrink, don't puff up, just stand your sacred ground."

and i might add: stay open. 

see you on the other side... 


  1. good luck, enjoy, they are all so glorious!

  2. Superbe. Each of them!! And I wish I could be there avec Toi xxx big Love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️