the other day
 i went into my studio and hit a complete blank/block,
 i felt uninspired and stuck.

and then i remembered a quote that  Lisa Sonora Beam
shared with us in Root
she had stamped it out and called it a "stamping meditation";
i thought i'll give it a try. 

the quote was from Women Who Run with the Wolves
and spoke straight to my soul. 

"The creative force flows over the terrain of our psyches looking for the natural hollows, 
the arroyos, the channels that exist in us. We become its tributaries, its basins, 
we are its pools, ponds, streams, and sanctuaries. 
The wild creative force flows into whatever beds we have,
those we are born with as well as those we dig with our own hands. 
We don't have to fill them, we only have to build them. "
- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

here is my stamping meditation, 
it worked. 

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