now what?

Misty Mawn's Full Circle workshop 
ends this week.
and that's probably why i've fallen into a creative rut...

surrealist collage on watercolor paper

it has been 12 weeks of phenomenal tuition.
i've been pushed, challenged and encouraged,  
i've learnt SO much, i've expanded...

it has been a big journey, it is coming to an end
and i'm asking myself:
now what? 
where to from here? 
 how do i keep up this incredible creative practice? 
(by the way Lisa Sonora Beam talks about 'why have a creative practice' here)

previously i would have jumped straight back into another 
course but that doesn't feel right at this point. 

this feels more like a new beginning, 
a different chapter in my creative practice.

so for now i'm going to take a breather, 
go for long walks on the beach, 
read a good novel 
and figure out what my next step is. 

see you soon