morning view

i've been feeling flat the last few days, 
i'm down with a cold and feeling very sorry for myself ;) 

learning to be gentle and patient and rest...
REST is a weapon remember!

this is my view while resting... so lucky! 

and this is my resting companion...

ok i know i'm completely biased
but how totally ADORABLE
is this little creature!?!


  1. Sorry to hear your sick; rest well and hopefully see you back on track on Friday in the studio :)

  2. So totally adorable!!!! Munchkin-soft-teddy-adorable!! Get better soon.....Solar eclipses, grand crosses, lunar wonder you are under the weather! Take care and rest up til you feel succulent again!

  3. Yes things get pulled and pushed inside at the moment! Je pense a toi ma Cherie... Immense calin xxxx