so here is the story behind my ceramic Kings. 

the 4 finished Kings, the other 3 coming soon (hopefully!)

i've been a Caroline Myss fan for a very long time. 
in her book "Defy Gravity"
she delves deeper into the 7 chakras, 
the 7 graces, 7 shadow passions;
their link to health,  to spirituality and to how we "do" life.  

my chakra "map"

i wanted something tangible to help me grasp the concept
and remind me daily to be mindful of how i conduct my life. 

and that is where the idea of the Kings came about.
i set out to hand build one ceramic King per chakra. 

four of them are now finished, 
let me introduce you to the first one, 

 Mr. Tribe:

first chakra: "all is one" 

Grace: Reverence 
Shadow Passion: Pride & Shame 


  1. That is just genius and pure magic - your idea of making them tangible and then creating them like that! Plus I really love your illustrations in your journal. You really are in an amazing creative space Anne - all your showing up, and now off to Italy to paint! Well done! Its the gift of delight :-)

  2. thank you, thank you Pasci... i'm blushing! xxx