dream world

i painted this for a little friend's birthday coming soon. 

her mom had commissioned me to paint her daughter's vision of heaven... 
you can guess she loves reading! 

this is my interpretation  

DREAMING - Acrylic on canvas (100/70cm) 

a completely new experience, to paint with a theme, a story to follow. 
it took me on a very interesting journey and stretched me in many new ways. 

i hope it matches her dreams!  


  1. Lovely, lovely work! So beautiful and so unique!!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

  2. Thank you Saskia, had such fun painting it! Smiles back :)

  3. She is really going to love it! And to wake up every morning and look at those bright happy colours - heaven for sure!!

    I absolutely love the little cat in it too ;-)

    Thank you

  4. Oh Anne, it is just beautiful! Magical! Well done.