coming up...

as i had mentioned here,
2014 will be a year full of learning curves, 
life always is isn't it? 

here are a few of the planned ones
i have so far: 

on the 20th of january i'm starting Full Circle
a 12 weeks workshop
with Misty Mawn

on the 10th of february i will start 

yes the courses overlap...
yes it will be busy, thrilling and big.
yes i have promised myself that i would go gently, 
at my own pace.  

in september 
(still far away but booked) 
i am going to Italy, 
for a LIVE art week with Misty Mawn!!!!!

how i feel about all that is beyond words
but i'll try anyway: 
lucky, grateful, excited, intimidated, thrilled,  
ecstatic, nervous, overexcited and much more

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  1. wooohooo I have registered too at Bloome True with Flora (have kept it quiet as I am not sure yet how I feel about it!!)
    well done you...loving your words Anne!