a word

this week i am planning to work through Susannah Conway's
Unravelling the Year Ahead 
(easy to download here)

for 2013 i had chosen the word "LEARNING" 
i've loved how this word has influenced 
every decision i made
made it's way into my year in so many ways. 

so this week i need to choose a word for 2014... 
and i've got so many steep learning curves lined up for next year 
(more on that soon) 
that i am so tempted to use LEARNING again. 
though i'm not sure that's "legal" or good or whatever...
but i guess once i'm working through the workbook, 
a nice cup of tea in hand, 
in the flow, 
the perfect word shall reveal itself. 

i hope.

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  1. damn, I hope Roz doesn't read this: I printed it and bound it for her for Christmas, haha!! I've started mine, but got stuck because I feel I've achieved nothing this year.... I will take it to retreat and hopefully get into it.

    Roz, if you read this, you are getting it for Christmas, so don't print out.