Last project

as i mentioned last week 
our December project for the Year of the Giraffe 
is "Timeline Journal the Giraffe" 

i had never done a timeline before...
 i loved, loved, loved 
taking a gentle look at this "Giraffe Year" 
and here are a few things i observed: 

- i have done more than i thought i had
- my mind tends to be too critical and focuses mostly
 on what wasn't done, hasn't worked, the assignments skipped...
- there is great value in acknowledging what HAS been achieved
- doing this timeline has been a great way to give myself some credit
- i can start seeing my own style emerging throughout the work
- making this journal has been a fantastic way to get my creative juice flowing again!

now a little peek inside: 

goodbye and thank you 
you wonderful Giraffes! 


  1. I love love love the look of this! I think we usually do more than we at first want to give ourselves credit for.

  2. beautiful insight Anne!! gentleness and gratitude...
    Loving your timeline..