Today I am loving the color green. Green is the color of nature, good luck, health, renewal, spring, youth, generosity and vigor. Green is fresh and alive...

"Green and I were off, and I had to face the reality that our relationship had been merely a one-night stand. Then about two years ago I came across it again, by chance. It wasn't the watery immature green that I'd encountered before. This time it was an upfront bold green - a green with confidence and depth. I couldn't resist. I moved cautiously at first, a painting here, a cushion there, not wanting to make the same mistake twice. But before long, green was making its way back into my heart. I spray-painted a chair, added a throw and an ornament or two. It took some time but now green and I are completely in love again. And because I've come to this relationship with a balance of both head and heart, I have faith that this time around, we'll be together forever." Excerpted from Sense of Style: Colour by Shannon Fricke

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  1. c'est drole, j'ai longtemps deteste le vert..
    c'etait comme une no-color for me!
    maintenant, c'est sans doute l'une de mes couleurs favorites..comme on change, n'est-ce pas...
    l'on devient de plus en plus belles, de plus en plus proche de nous-meme..
    cette pensee me the green color!