so i do have a few things to confess... 

mostly because i feel that i have been neglecting this space (the blog) recently, 

here are my reasons/excuses: 

1. i post at least once daily on Instagram ,
 it has become my favorite sharing platform 
(for now).

2. my show is coming up in november,  
so i am putting my head down and spending a lot of time painting.

3. in the most recent past (until yesterday),
i completely immersed and lost myself in this book:  

a work of art.
possibly the best book i've ever read.
i highly recommend it.

photo from the google search 

so i will be in and out, 
as much as i can manage, 
but i'm here, 
thank you for still following along ;) 


  1. be immersed
    do whatever
    don't hold your breath;)
    thank you for the book,,i need a good read

  2. oooo thanks for that book advice. I'm always looking for new titles (for listening). I agree - sometimes I love instagram most of all. <3