Picasso immersed

how lucky was i?
this Picasso exhibition had just started at the
"Fondation Pierre Gianadda" when i arrived in Switzerland. 
it is 40km from where my family lives, 
i couldn't miss it! 

i was so incredibly moved to be in a place with so many 
Picasso original paintings, ceramics, etchings and sculptures, 
i did the best i could to soak it all up. 

and since then i've been immersed in everything Picasso! 
i've watched this documentary:

and i'm busy reading this book:

i love that he just created and created like a mad man, 
it feels like he was trying to materialise into art all the ideas he 
had in his head and heart. 
he had so much to express and not enough time... 

it feels like he just went for it without being too concerned 
whether anyone would like it or not. 

in fact after his death they found thousands of artworks
that no one had ever seen before... 

i find all that so, so fascinating! 

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