so after indulging in the Forty Rules of Love
(see yesterday's post)
i now have this growing pile 
of more wonderful books 
i can't wait to read... 

i'm off to Switzerland tomorrow
and determined to travel light 
(at least one way...) 

the pile of books might have to wait! 

Feminine inspiration

it feels like i have just come out of a huge journey...
i've just finished reading
The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak.

i knew nothing about the story or the author
before i started, my best way to get into a book. 

the story was rich, wise, inspiring and exotic.
here is a wonderful review by Donna

and then i research the author... oh wow! 
see her in a TED talk here

"I thank you for showing me, a nomadic soul, 
that is was possible to settle down in one place and 
still be free."


my camera collection is growing!!!

i got spoilt with a Fuji Instax 210 
instant camera...

what a treat  
to see and hear the pic popping out!
so many memories ;) 


Fish baskets in the beautiful Kosi Bay estuary.
incredible patience, skills... 
and beauty! 


 mon Amour took me away for a 
surprise birthday getaway to Kosi Bay
 this weekend! 

quality time, nature, gifts, good food...
totally spoilt! 


it's my birthday this weekend...
i think i'm being swept away for a surprise trip ;) 

i'm giddy with excitement! 


i'm part of a little group of "powerhouse" women
  at the moment we are doing Julia Cameron's Artist's Way
program together. 

on tuesday it was my turn to host 

welcome by Kelly Rae Roberts

we ate, chatted, shared, danced and collaged up a storm 

what a treat!!! 
Thanks Girls xxx


building site inspiration... 

there is a building site next door 
i've been admiring the raw cement, the colours, the textures.
the blue, the yellow, the browns, 
 the skills...

News from the studio

ok so there's been some big things happening around here...
well at least it's big for me ;) 

i have COMMITTED to a booth at 
the local Christmas Fair! 

so i'm totally excited about it and at the same 
time totally freaked out... 

i'm moving between planning, dreaming and doing 
doubting, having nightmares and being stuck...

 i've raided the fabric shop for supplies,
 and i have been taking little turtle steps every day...


to be continued...