'make a plan'

when i moved to this country, 
14 years ago (already!) 
one of the first South African saying i learnt was: 

"let's make a plan" 

you see living in Africa comes with it's own quirks and challenges. 
some are funny... some... not so funny... 

but what i love about the people here is that they just bounce back. 
they don't dwell on the negative,
they don't wait for problems to fixed
(because you might just wait forever)
they find a solution, they make a plan and they get on with it. 

let me explain why i tell you this... 

the area where we live in is going through a serious drought
and the dam that is supplying us with water is nearly empty,
not only because of the drought but we'll leave that for now,
it's complicated and obscure. 

which means that potentially we might run out of water
(dry taps) 
in 60 days.

so we are making a plan...

these are the four 5000 liters tanks we have just installed at our house. 
they'll be gathering all the rain water coming off our roofs.

we will then use that water for everything in our household, 
 and after that, that water will also be recycled back into watering our garden. 

which means we will be independent from municipality water. 
which also mean right now we really need/want/pray/dance for a huge rainfall... 


  1. Oubliée l'incantation à la neige... maintenant, c'est l'incantation à la pluie...

  2. I remember going through this very thing as a child living in Natal. Nothing was ever wasted or not used wisely.

    Trusting for heavy rain falls.