4 seasons

we are still going with Full Circle, 
Misty Mawn's online workshop
and so far it has been phenomenal! 

on mondays we get art journaling prompts
and they've all been incredibly original, fun
and inspiring!

last week the prompt was to create a 4 seasons fold out book, 
here is a peek in mine finished: 

unfolded before i added the binding:

and some seasonal details:

- summer -

- autumn -

- winter -

- spring -

PS: while making this journal i realized that as "a Northern hemisphere 
expatriated to the Southern hemisphere" living is a place where the seasonal changes 
are very small
i've got all my season muddled up! 


  1. C'est trop beau! J'adore! Bravo à notre petite expatriée!

  2. Wow, this is sooooo beautiful and creative!!

    Happy greetings, Saskia :)

  3. Super beau Anne!! This is such wonderful work that demonstrates again and again the inner journey of a brave traveller/discoverer/artist! Love you

  4. Et puis ce que J'adore a chaque fois, C'est d' apercevoir des petits bouts de ton ecriture!!!