my box

my "explosion dream box"!
another fabulous  art journaling idea with a twist 
by Misty Mawn 

i know i say i love this and that and the next thing a LOT!
but this one...
i couldn't wait to get to it!
it feels like such a great metaphor for life. 

a square small box from the outside,
and then once it explodes open 
and you look a little further, a little deeper 
it's full of small hidden pockets, 
secret messages 
and dreams... 

full of layers...
just like all of us. 

i did loooooove this project 


  1. Oh wow!! I love that too!! My girls would absolutely love it too. Lauren said that she wants to know when the next circle is so that she can make sure she can book some art lessons with you!!! I think I need to give her your number and a calendar ...