artwork, card and journal by the talented flowrsinherhair

last week i got a delicious surprise in the post... 
a parcel from my dear friend Jeanne Marie/flowrsinherhair

this year we are both part of a wonderful idea initiated by Annie Hamman called 
Round Robin Art Journal. 

Annie chose 12 south african artists, 
we each made or bought a journal,  
and each month, we receive one and after having done an art work in it,
 we send it off to the next artist and receive the next one.  

by the end of the round i will get mine back filled with 12 unique, original artworks.
brilliant and fun idea isn't it!? 

last week i sent mine off to its first recipient and received my first one by flowrsinherhair.
you can see it in the photo, at the bottom of the pile. 
it is superb! full of gorgeous bits and pieces and i feel a little pressure to be the first
one working in it... 
(i won't show too much so i don't spoil it for the others)

 Jeanne Marie added that little "pondering lady" to my parcel!!! 
i had wanted to buy it, i adore that little face...  but it came as a super generous gift! 
a wonderful way to remember our journey together through 
the 1faceaday of 2015! 
thank you buddy, what an experience, never to be forgotten! 

she looks so peaceful.
she will be in my studio, reminding me to slow down and be present.

PS: Jeanne Marie, very bravely, decided to go on with the daily challenge this year, 
she is painting tiny faces on tea bags, you can follow her here
they are amazing! 

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