about a month ago i decided it's time 
to take out my oil paints once again. 

oils and i have a complicated love/hate relationship...
my greatest motivation though was that 
my dear friend and super talented teacher and artist 
opened her studio for lessons

(here is a really bad photo of the studio, better ones to come soon)

and am i pleased i took the plunge! 
i am learning SO much. 
Roz is teaching us about layering, glazing, scumbling... 

here is a peek at my two paintings in progress: 



  1. Ahhh... Thank you for your affirming comments. Love having you in the studio and am so excited about your paintings XXX:)

  2. Love love love them Anne... During our recent travel across Australia, at some stage we were kind of following a circus. Each town we were stopping, we could see the same chapiteau rising!!! Took a few pics of the top! Your painting is so close to what I wanted to grasp through my photos. Superbe!!

  3. J'aime trop les chiens at the studio's door...