Artist inspiration

how brilliant are these animal drawings by artist

totally in love... 

they all have such personalities!

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in amongst these seemingly 
barren and hostile namibian landscapes,
unexpected bursts of life and colors.



 today i'm starting an intensive "ragamuffin" week:

class by Carla Sonheim

ragamuffin owls by Carla Sonheim

my kind of monday
thank you Brenda
for my very early 
birthday gift!


what amazed me in Nambia is that in amongst the 
hostility of the desert
there are so many little "treasures" to be found. 

this one, 
probably the most extraordinary
is called the Welwitschia. 
the Namib is the only place on earth where 
it grows. 

at first they look like a pile of big dry leaves
but once i got close i couldn't believe the details
and colors i discovered.  

these (according to the book) could be up to 500 years old...

learn more about the Welwtischia here and here

Into the wild

this was our nest for our travel 
through Namibia
(the car+roof tent, not the boulder;))

we filled up with supplies 
headed out into the wild




our trip through Namibia 

the vastness of it all almost impossible to 

i took tons of photos trying to capture the magnitude 
of beauty and diversity
of these wide open landscapes.

this week will be all about Nambia
while i'm slowly landing back into 
my life 

Full tank

we are back. 

heart, eyes and camera

unbelievable scenery,
unforgettable experiences, 
magic moments,