i spent the weekend at Roz's studio for a bookmaking workshop 
taught by Sharon from the Printing Press Durban

on the first day we did the book above, 
unfortunately i can't remember the name... 
it now has a cover as well but i still need to do some trimming 
and adjusting. 

below is the coptic book we made on the second day.
i used old painting as covers. 
the idea with the coptic style is to leave the stitching on the spine 
to show, they form a pretty pattern and make it look deliciously handmade. 

i love the book feels and i can't wait to start sketching in it. 

i loved making something 3 dimensional again, 
i realized i am missing that since i have been to pottery this year. 

what a treat to be making something out of bits and pieces... 

it's in the simple things ;) 

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