today is a big day for me, 
the opening of my first solo exhibition. 

i feel a little nervous but mostly extremely excited; 
there is also a calmness within me, 
i feel like i gave it my best shot and now it's time to hand it over... 
with deep trust. 

yesterday the show went up 
and it was an amazing experience to suddenly see it all in one room. 

i got the "hang man" in to hang everything
 and it is the best gift i could have given myself. 
those 70 little faces would have been a nightmare to set up 
without his experience! 

i will show you loads of pics this week, 
see you on the other side ;) 

oh and i wanted to share my artist statement with you:

lies behind
it is curiosity that inspires my work. 
i am in the exploratory phase of my art, experimenting, trying new ideas.

inspired by art at an early age, i admired master painters like Joan Miro, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso and Hundertwasser as well as my uncle, Francois Wenger, who was a full time artist and cartoonist. 

i started painting as a gentle journey back to myself through playfulness. an exploration of my paradoxes, my opposites. 
i now use creativity to express the overflow of emotions i often feel; an attempt to make sense of this world, to release, to transform and to find the humour in it all. 

this year i decided to paint one face a day, for 365 days, and it is keeping me in a constant state of exploration; showing up daily and experimenting incessantly. my first solo exhibition is a selection of these faces, as well as some larger work. 

i work quickly and spontaneously from my imagination, often finding the face in the pre-prepared, layered background; the details are sparked from clues and signs from my everyday life, a conversation, a trait, a colour combination. 

my work is playful and unconventional yet it invites the viewer to look a little deeper at what may lie behind. 


  1. Bravo chérie!!! Beaucoup d'émotions❤️🙏❤️

  2. et j'adore ton artiste statement!! bravoooo xxxxx (j'ai reve de toi la nuit derniere!!!)