good enough?

about a week ago i started these 4 new paintings. 

i had in mind to paint 4 mamas inspired from my daily faces 
but in a lager size for the exhibition,
just to make sure i would have enough to show.

but the truth is... i have run out of steam. 
they are just not working, not coming along the way i imagined them, 
not really fitting with the rest of the work. 


i'm all painted out... 
not for the smaller daily one, they seem to still be flowing. 
but for the larger work.

so for now i just have to trust that i've done enough.

i feel like i've given it my all,
and i need to trust that that is enough. 


  1. Oh Anne! So glad you have realised that you are enough! I bow down to you and this journey you have been on! Love Donna

  2. Commentaire plein de bon sens! Merci pour elle! Bravo!

  3. I am convinced you have done enough! I can also understand that you must be all painted out. The excitement and apprehension is taking it's toll no doubt. Just lay back and do nothing for now. xxx

  4. Aah chérie d'amour. You have done enough and you are enough. You are amazing and all those amazing characters with you. Breath, slow down, and smile❤️ You inspire us so much. Breath that all in. And out
    Love you❤️