i am ready, 
all the paintings finished, labeled and priced. 
ready to be delivered to the gallery this week!

i am pleased with the result, 
at first if felt a little tighter than when i just painted flowers 
as an experiment. 
 i just couldn't let go of the fact that they were for an exhibition 
and that felt like pressure. 

eventually my mind surrendered and i was able to take risk, 
play and experiment once again. 
that's when i get the best results i find. 

for example, the painting you see here just wasn't working, i couldn't resolve it 
so i decided to risk adding a bright orange background to it... and it worked! 
good lesson ;) 

oh and can you see my henna tattoo? 
we had a baby blessing ceremony for a precious friend, 
she got a tattoo on her tummy and we all got one on our arms! 

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