the view from here...

a lot of colourful work in progress in the studio... 

working, practicing, learning. 


last friday 
we hired some beach cruisers 
and off we went exploring 
Durban's beachfront promenade...

moody skies, holiday makers, high-rises... 
a touch old fashion... 

such fun to be tourists in our own city for a day. 

Next step...

baby steps... 

the 3 ladies, next steps, 
patience and trust...

new backgrounds, 
letting go and daring...


Feminine inspiration

today i am loving 
the work of illustrator Katt Frank

i love her style,
the fine lines, 
the mix of photography and drawings. 

all photos from here

In the studio

some days, for me,
 painting feels down right daunting... 

yet there is an urge to be in the studio, 
show up and be creative.

on those days nothing feels better than 
to let loose 
and create some colourful, crazy backgrounds

new beginnings.

Mountain flowers

late summer swiss flowers today... 


last night i watched and loved this TED Talk video 
and today after chatting about education, 
my sister in law sends me this video... 
merci Sissi ;) 

french version here

too much synchronicity to ignore!

Change of plans

  the other day i couldn't decide 
whether i was going to do 
this online class

and now i've committed to this one...
it just happened...
crossed my path and spoke to my heart.
now i'm on a one year journey with Juliette Crane


Around here

my husband has been away for almost 2 weeks. 
i miss him terribly;

i've been living like a little "monk".
loads of studio time, very little kitchen time...

  charcoal + ink drawing

and this weekend i went away 

with the most amazing bunch of women
and i had my love/fun tank completely filled! 

we laughed,  we connected,  we ate cake out of the dish,
we had deep conversations, 
we had beauty, nature, the ocean... 

and we played, and we ate and we chatted some more...

 THANK YOU my wonderful friends! 
i am SO grateful to have you all in my world!

Telling stories...

                 light hearted monday with Oliver Jeffers
i want all his books ;)



about a month ago i decided it's time 
to take out my oil paints once again. 

oils and i have a complicated love/hate relationship...
my greatest motivation though was that 
my dear friend and super talented teacher and artist 
opened her studio for lessons

(here is a really bad photo of the studio, better ones to come soon)

and am i pleased i took the plunge! 
i am learning SO much. 
Roz is teaching us about layering, glazing, scumbling... 

here is a peek at my two paintings in progress: 


Not finished...

i went back to the bird... 

and changed it to a goat! 

am i totally pleased with it? 
not sure yet...