in the art room

this is what my table looked like on the first day in the art room, 
full of gifts and goodies, from Misty and also from other participants...

i felt welcomed and inspired straight away! 

the two photos below are from Camilla, (and her beautiful artwork in the foreground) 
as you can see i am looking pretty happy, in my element, loving it ;) 
(thank you Camilla for capturing it) 

Misty demonstrating

Camilla and John focused and learning

a little bit of play 

and back to work

we loved our art room, 
we even had some late nights painting/laughing/moth chasing sessions in there... 


  1. looks fantastic! and there was a MAN there as well ;)

  2. amazing Anne...simply amazing! You wonderful artist that you are!!
    T'aime fortxxx

  3. That all looks delicious!!!! And light and juicy and yummy.....and magic!!!