dreaming and scheming

i believe in the power of intentions, 
words, dreams and numbers. 

at the moment i am planning, imagining and envisioning 
what i would like the new year to look like.

in 2015 i will be in a year 4 
which is the "practical" year.

i can feel its energy already, 
the need to be organized, 
to attend to the details, 
to do some "weeding", 
being hands on, doing... i like it already. 

i also feel the need to have a clearer vision 
to where i want to go with my art. 

so at the moment i am going through Lisa Congdon 
"Become a Working Artist" Creative Live class
and i've also ordered her book
(thank you Caro for the gentle nudges ;)) 

Of course it's also Susannah Conway's Unravelling time
which will help me bring closure to 2014,  envision 2015
and find my word for the year. 

i'm also reading "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon
which is full of great tips!

so yes,
i feel like i'm in good hands...
i'm excited about the new year, 
ready to get stuck in. 

and of course super grateful for each day ;)
especially with this little companion!


  1. Oh this is looking and feeling exciting ma Cherie!!! Yay to you ma belle artiste de genie!!! je suis super contente pour toi et ai tres hate de voir ce que 2015 va devoiler...
    Tu m'inspires toujours autant et suis super grateful de t'avoir dans mon coeur pour toujours!!!
    t'aime fort...big hug!!

  2. looking good. I really like Austin Kleon and I've also printed the Unravelling manual again xxx