this week's bunch... 

above you have Marguerite, ready to go out, hair teased and all. 

the girl below, as gentle as she looks gave me a hard time, 
she is the result of many, 
many layers scraped, redone, wiped, scratched and scraped some more, 
i love where she ended though... 

are they getting weirder as i go? 
i'm not sure but i'll keep on exploring! 

PS: today i'm off to this beautiful place for 4 days of a silent retreat. 
i have never done it before and i'm very intrigued. 
i will probably have to wrestle my over active mind a lot
but i am curious to what will bubble up in the spaces in between. 

have a fabulous weekend beautiful people ;)

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  1. your work is amazing and of course - I am dying to hear about your silent retreat - I have often spoken about going on one.... Please share more. Savor ever silent moment. And quiet space.