one at a time

after some research it turns out that the most cost effective and safe way
 for me to have a record of my 365 faces 
in high resolution is to photograph them.
(in case i ever want to have some prints made of them) 

so that's what i am doing a the moment... 
one at a time.

i am super grateful for the photographic courses
i took a few years ago, those skills are super useful to me right now.

isn't it amazing how life works?!

and this is my little makeshift home photographic studio,
chasing good light.

always with my assistant by my side of course

even though she rapidly fell asleep on the job!


  1. Excellente idée! Assistante pas très efficace...

  2. Woaw...a piece of work!! bravo! (on m'a aussi conseille un scanner high resolution)
    Ready for a book publication!!!!