so last week i dropped all my paintings off at the 
framer to be prepared for the exhibition.

on the way back i started making a mental list 
of all the things i needed to do during that week
while i didn't have any painting to start or finish or touch up. 
(except for the daily face of course) 

and then the choice was made for me.
i got sick...
unwell for 3 days, which meant a lot of rest 
and taking care of myself. 

i don't believe in coincidence and as much as i 
resisted it at first, i welcomed the time out 
knowing it is what i needed right now.

today i feel much better, rested and refreshed!

my bossy little sausage, begging to go for a walk ;) 


  1. so glad you are feeling better! Lots of love, keep cool until the exhibition, it will all go well xxx

    1. thank you Britta! Deep breathing, i'll try to remember your words ;)

  2. I missed this post. Sending you love and smile and hugs. Go gently chérie 🌸❤️ And remember to go gently after your exhibition too❤️It's a lot of emotions and hard work building up!!! Big big love xxx (& merciiiii pour l'invit in the mail!!! Genial!!!)