this week i had to pick out 70 faces out of 288. 
(thank goodness for my Mister's help) 
not an easy task... 

below is the first pick, 
about 110 of them. 
we had to be ruthless to get to 70 from here 

i wanted a variety of styles and colours 
and i'm pleased with our final choice. 

they are all at the framer now,
the larger pieces as well.
holding thumbs that it all goes smoothly, 
i should have them back by the end of next week 
and then i can put all the final touches. 

one little step at a time... 


  1. sooooo exciting my friend and these look truly incredible.... eeeeck I'm getting so excited for you.

  2. the one jumping out at me (again!), is number 6 from the right in the last row, with the hand. I LOVE that one. Is the framing for the exhibition? So super and exciting!!

    1. Oh i love that one too! Yes, getting ready for the exhibition! Can't wait, got an invite for you ;)

  3. So so excited for and with you Chérie!!!!!