a few things...

as we are getting close to the end of 2015
i'd like to share a few things i've experienced 
during this (what turned out to be a pretty intense) year... 

while painting 1 face a day for the past 349 days, 
i've realized that for me creativity is like a muscle

- we all have it, we all choose to use it in different ways, 
we all use it one way or another. 

- it needs some warm up moves.
 it can be very hard to get it going but once it's warm it flows,
it's more flexible, it has stamina. 

- it needs practice, the more i use it the stronger it gets.

- some days are tougher than others, 
but showing up, even for a little bit, 
can shift the mood of the day or at least build a little bit more experience. 

- it needs repetition.  for me many regular short creativity sessions 
are more beneficial than let's say a 5 hour stint once a week. 
(and it's also easier to put in place) 

- like any muscle it needs rest, recovery time, 
time to do something else, time to do nothing at all. 

- it needs courage, to keep going, 
to keep on keeping on... 

- it needs love... if i love it, i will keep doing it! 

oh and i believe creativity
also needs care and gentle attention. 
it needs to be well fed by everyday inspiration, 
curiosity and exploring. 


  1. One of the best post..Merci Anne for sharing some of your insight from your amazing year;)))
    big hug to you Cherie

  2. maybe I should print this out?! I so know it's true, but I am not there yet...