guess what, i've finally opened an Etsy shop

it's been on my list for ages and somehow it felt daunting and complicated
so i never got around to doing it. 

and then a few days ago, 
one of my instagram followers kindly asked me to buy 
some of my faces. 

so i looked at my options and jumping on the Etsy wagon 
was the most logical.
and it was very user friendly! 

so here it is: 

i will be adding new art regularly, 
if there is something specific you would want and it's not listed, 
let me know and hopefully we can make a plan! 


  1. bravo! I might have to pick your brain again ;) you continue to be my inspiration xxxx and sorry, something went wrong with my commenting, so I had to delete and start again...

    1. thank you Britta! you can pick my brain any time ;)