not done yet

no i haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

 Lies Behind, my exhibition
was such a big experience for me i feel like i'm not done talking about it yet.

even though we took it down last saturday. 
i'm not ready to move on...

so for now i'll share a few pics from the opening night.
thank you Lau for the photos!

this is Karen on the left, opening Roz Cryer's (she is in the middle) exhibition 
and mine (i'm on the right). 

i had some cards and postcards made for the event, 
i love stationary and i couldn't miss this opportunity to have my own! 

the workbench that i use in my studio got a facelift and became centre piece 
for the flowers and stationary. 

also it was the perfect storage option for it
 while we had visitors staying in my studio/guest room ;) 

thank you Sonja for the superb bouquet! 

and then family (thank you for coming O+M) , 
friends and strangers started arriving... 

even some "serious" art "critics" :) 

my dear Jeanne Marie aka Flowrsinherhair  
all the way from Cape Town

 artist Lara Mellon who's work i've admired for a long time  
sharing her thoughts on my work.

and from then on i was on a complete high 
(as you can see!) 
and had the most fabulous evening! 


  1. Trop beau... Plein d'émotions... Merci, merci!

  2. Oh Anne quel delice de voir ces photos. Les pièces derrière tes deux 'art-critics' sont incroyables !!!!!