the word

so this is my word for 2016: OPEN. 

at first i had the word "explore" 
and then just like that OPEN made it's way into my psyche and wouldn't leave. 

to be honest, right now, i wish i had kept "explore". 
i'm having a hard time getting acquainted with OPEN.
here i am trying to figure out why: 

- firstly because it feels like a passive word, 
not doing,  just being open, 
and i realise how much i value doing. 
it's a big part of my persona, my worthiness, the way i show up 
in the world. 

- secondly being OPEN is not really my natural state. 
you probably wouldn't think so if you met me, i can be pretty 
outgoing and engaging but it takes me a long time to really trust 
and open my shell up to someone. 
also i am a loner and an introvert so my private and alone time
is sacred to me, that is how i recharge. 

- thirdly OPEN feels very vulnerable... like there is nowhere to hide, 
no escape plan.

of course "explore" could have been more fun.
but i can feel how OPEN is challenging me already, 
pushing my boundaries, 
making me expand. 
and ultimately this is what i want, to be OPEN to new possibilities, 
to possibilities i haven't even imagined yet... 
to grow, to explore, to learn. 

so i will stay with it and be all i can to honour this word this year. 

OPEN, onward.


  1. Great word ma Cherie!!! Thank you for sharing with so much honesty...and beautifully articulated!!
    Mine, you'll laugh, is commit. a bit like yours, it came through slowly but stay. I have been quiet with it, thinking it might change into something more fun! but no, C o m m i t.
    Funny how this word thing is pushing our boundaries and our sense of security!! for good reasons;)

    1. oh no ways, i can see you must have gone through a similar process... fun vs growth ;) meant to be xxx

  2. I love it. Plain and simply love it. I can relate to all your reasons to ditch it - but I think you are onto something. I think we are called to be uncomfortable sometimes. <3