3 days of painting

so i went with what i really felt like painting, 
the landscape that stirred the most emotions in me, 
the shopping centre building site. 

here is the evolution of it, 
under Dee Donalson's amazing expert guidance. 
first in acrylics, 
loose drawing with a long stick. 

and then starting with oils. 

also Dee has been on a mission to eliminate
all the toxic mediums that come with painting with oils 
and it was such a pleasure to find new, greener and less 
smelly way to work. 

some details

and the finished product! 

i had resisted this course, turning my nose up at landscapes
but i have to admit, this was my best painting workshop ever! 
somehow painting a landscape felt vastly different to painting 
portrait (even and imaginary one)  and i loved the relationship
i developed with my painting. 
i also loved painting those lines, 
there is a good chance you will see more of them ;) 


  1. wonderful Anne, and what a challenging, controversial sight that construction site is! So you painted in oils over the Acrylic paint?

    1. Thank you Britta, yes, oils on top of acrylics works, not the other way around ;)

  2. Superbe Anne! Your art is getting stronger!! So beautiful to be able to see your evolution!! Keep shining chérie 🌟