for the next three days
i will immerse myself in one of  Dee Donaldson 's workshop
instead of doing her portrait bootcamp 
(you can see last year's one here
 i thought i'd take myself way out of my comfort zone  
and try her landscape workshop instead. 

i don't think i have ever painted a landscape before
so i'm feeling a little intimidated 
and unsure of what i will do 
but i'm excited to try something new! 

we have to bring a few of our own landscape photographs to 
choose from. 

here is my choice for now: 

it took the photo above in Namibia, 
i love the colours and i have always loved 

 this enormous shopping centre is being built near us, 
completely unnecessary in my humble opinion... 
so i thought it might be an interesting "urban" landscape to paint
and i can put some the emotions i feel about it
onto the canvas. 

i took the photograph above at the Buddhist Retreat Centre 
in Ixopo, early morning the sun came up the mist was 
flowing through the trees. 

or this desert photo from the Skeleton Coast in Namibia... 

not sure yet which one i will choose, 
but i will keep you posted. 

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