a little portrait marathon...

anyone who's ever taken a course with Misty Mawn
knows how much she loves and uses the Stabilo Mark All pencil 
and the Stabilo Woody.

i searched high and low for those pencils and finally had some shipped from the US. 
 now i know why Misty loves them so much! 

i went back to a Full Circle assignment where she uses the pencils specifically
and white acrylic
to paint some "no reference" portraits. 
and then... i just couldn't stop. 

10 in 2 days!

getting in the flow and letting them roll out of me
was a really interesting experience and process to observe. 
more details tomorrow... 


  1. Love this Anne! really interesting how this is evolving! love the personality and softness that is emerging through them...stunning!

  2. these are stunning! love the acrylic white and stabilo! looks like a great tool.