these 4 are my favorites, 
they all happened towards the end of my sessions, 
when i was in the flow.

below are the first ones of day one and two and interestingly the ones 
i dislike the most, 
uptight and controlled

these are the ones in between:

i was working without reference, out of my imagination, 
 quickly so i wouldn't get caught up 
in too many details 

i love how they all have a different personalities, 

who are they, where do they come from? 


  1. mes préférés c'est le deuxième depuis le haut et celui de gauche de ceux que tu n'aimes pas. BIBIZ!

  2. oh my...these are amazing Anne... c' est fou comme chacun est different, avec une personalite propre...
    Funny how things get better when we are looser... letting go...
    love you beaucoup ma Cherie