etching art works have always caught my eye. 
i love their simplicity, the rough lines, the mystery of the process.

i did some research about it and soon realized that it's not something 
i can learn on my own or online. 

and then the other day while visiting artSPACE  Durban
i found myself asking the owner if he knew someone 
who could teach me about etching...

 to my huge surprise he took me upstairs 
and introduced me to artist Sharon McClelland from the PrintingPress
and guess what, 
she teaches Etching, Monotype, Paper Embossing and more. 

i can't tell you how THRILLED  i am to have found her,  
i'm not sure how or when i'll start but i know i'll be there soon!  

in the meantime here is a bit of etching inspiration via Pinterest:

by Ritsuko Ozeki, swing

by Jim Dine

by Jean Dubuffet

by Yukiko Kano

by Kumi Obata

drypoint etching by Bridget Farmer

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  1. woaw woaw woaw....amazing Anne!!! J'imagine tellement ta reaction et ton enjouement... yay!!! Can't wait to hear more xxxmwah de moi