at the moment i'm taking time
going back through the Full Circle workshop posts and assignments.

one of the projects i had skipped 
was paying homage to an artist i admire. 

i wasn't sure who to choose and then the other day 
it became so clear: Alberto Giacometti!

first of all he is swiss like moi ;) 
i mean even our CHF100.- swiss bank notes
 have Giacometti and his sculptures on them

and i love and admire his work! 

the idea is to make a book paying homage to the artist and his art, 
adding drawings and photos to it. 

that's what i'm busy with right now, 
i'll keep you posted on the progress... 

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  1. Love your theme choice Anne! Looking forward to see what emerges!! Funny hey...I met this woman recently. Shes a potter. & I've wanted to ask her if she could mentor me a bit!! In my mind was ... Giacometti! Bec de moi