all sorts

all sorts of faces coming up lately, 
inspired by other artists or appearing from 
somewhere mysterious. 

this one above was inspired by artist Spencer Herr
(love his stuff!)

i nearly deleted this one (above)
i don't like her and i was ready to cheat, 
edit and redo... but i didn't because i would like this daily practice
to also be about authenticity. 
being honest that some days the creative juices don't flow very well, 
are harder to access and yet it's about letting go of the outcome
and showing up anyway.

thank goodness then came my dorky little Valentine geek! 


  1. and he is awesome!!
    yes..same here... didn't want to post my last face either! I tried a B&W filter and thought she looked way better but then I thought it was like cheating!! Ah...we are good;)))

  2. Ah Anne, I love the authenticity and honesty. It is so brave

  3. I love your and Caro's authenticity and honesty - beautiful girls! PS: I love all your faces. <3